2018 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – Old Town Hall, Deerfield
Saturday, July 28th  2018 –  9 AM 

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Informational Sessions for Friends of the PLPA Watershed

Tom O’Brien, President, New Hampshire Lakes Association

Tom has been the President of NH LAKES since 2011, He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has worked in natural resource management and water resource protection “his entire adult life”. Tom will provide us with an overview of the NH Lakes Association Charter, recent actions that
have impacted our and other lakes in NH and priorities for 2018.

Tom O’Brien’s NH Lakes Presentation

Dr. Lisa Doner, Plymouth State University

Lisa is an Associate Professor in Environmental Science and Policy and the Center for the Environment. She studies lake sediments to decipher past watershed changes. Her primary focus is on how climate interacts with other mechanisms for change including natural catastrophe (fire, flood, landslide, tsunami), human disturbance (agriculture, logging, development) and long-term trends (glaciations, tectonics, sea-level change). Lisa will provide an overview of the results from testing that she and her team conducted at Pleasant Lake last fall and discuss further actions to be taken.

Dr. Lisa Doner’s Presentation on Sediment Coring in Pleasant Lake

PLPA Business Meeting 

PLPA 2018 Annual Meeting Presentation

PLPA Annual Meeting Minutes 2018