Support the PLPA

Want to support the PLPA’s work?

Here are a few options:

  • Donate via paypal 
  • Mail your check to PLPA, P.O. Box 53, Deerfield, NH 03037
  • Have a TD Bank account? Register the PLPA as your chosen nonprofit and TD Bank will donate!

Please note that the PLPA’s annual dues are:

  • Classic Membership $25
  • Lake Steward $50
  • Lake Hero $100
  • Lake Protector $250
  • Lake Guardian $500

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All donations and dues can be paid here

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TD Bank:

TD Bank offers members the ability to link their accounts with a chosen nonprofit, where TD Bank will make an annual contribution to the nonprofit of your choice. Checking, savings, money market, CD and retirement accounts are all included. Contributions are calculated at 0.5% on checking balances and 0.25% on savings, money market, CD and IRA balances. Members’ accounts are not affected in any way by this contribution. Your account balances are used to determine the level of contribution and are kept confidential. Talk to a representative at TD Bank and ask them to have your balances included as part of Pleasant Lake Preservation Association’s Affinity Membership Program and you can start contributing to the lake without doing anything!