Lake Host Program

Lake Host Program

The Lake Host Program has been in operation for 16 years and provides attendants at the boat ramp on Gulf Road during the summer boating season.  Trained attendants provide a courtesy boat inspection at the public access ramp on Gulf Road to prevent the introduction and spread of exotic aquatic plants, like variable milfoil and aquatic nuisance animals like zebra mussels. Plant and animal infestations are undesirable because they make recreation in and on the water dangerous and unpleasant, disrupt the ecological balance and reduce property values.

The Program is administered by the NH Lakes Association and is staffed by a combination of volunteer and paid hosts.   Financial support for paid hosts is provided in part by a grant from the NHDES, contributions from PLPA members which in 2017 was supplemented by funding from the towns of Deerfield and Northwood.  In 2016 the PLPA also contributed 690 volunteer hours.

NH LAKES Lake Host Summary (2002-2018)

Pleasant Lake 2018 Lake Host Program Summary Report

Volunteers Needed! Contact Holly Martin (463-7496 /

Training provided, 2-hour shift per week afternoons and early evenings.

Help Boaters Learn about the New “Clean & Drain” Law! 

Before trailering vessels away from the water, boaters must now remove all fragments of plants and animals (whether invasive or native) hitchhiking on the outside of boats and trailers. Boaters must also drain motors, bilges, livewells, ballast bags/tanks, and other storage compartments before leaving the ramp (and keep all drain plugs open/out while transporting). Lake Host Inspectors will provide a NHLAKES “PULL THE PLUG on aquatic hitchhikers” brochure to boaters they meet this summer.

Here is the link to the NH LAKES Brochure:  PULL THE PLUG On Aquatic Hitchhiker Brochure

The Zebra mussel and Asian Clam are in all the states surrounding NH with the exception of ME.  Since its the larvae that cling to boats, trailers, fishing equipment, etc. it has become our biggest challenge.  Educating the public of this threat has been our mission.  The NH LAKES Slogan is CLEAN, DRAIN, & DRY.  NH LAKES recommends that boaters clean their equipment with a power washer, bleach solution or at a car wash.  The hotter and more powerful the water the better. In addition, draining all the water out of the live wells and engine and keeping the boat dry for 5 days or longer ensures that the larvae are gone.   Also allow equipment (i.e.: wet suits, waders, bathing suits) to dry for the same amount of time.

Here are examples of common freshwater invasive species in New England–watch out for these on Pleasant Lake!


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