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New Hampshire Department of Safety Ruling: Mooring Permit Granted 

The Hearing Examiner for the New Hampshire Department of Safety (DOS) has issued his report “In the Matter of the Petition to Require Mooring Permits on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield and Northwood.”  The DOS has ruled Pleasant Lake will be a Mooring Permit Lake.

Here is the link: NH Department of Safety Ruling

SUMMARY: From the Report of the Hearing Examiner


The Petitioners have presented satisfactory proof to sustain their request for the establishment requiring permits for moorings on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield and Northwood in accordance with RSA 270:61-a; and Administrative Rule, Saf-C 412.


The evidence demonstrates that the Petition is in the public interest fulfilling the purpose of law. There is sufficient proof that the Petitioners have met their burden, by a preponderance of the evidence, showing cause that a requirement to have mooring permits on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield and Northwood New Hampshire be adopted pursuant to RSA 270:61-a; and Administrative Rule, Saf-C 412. Rulemaking shall commence forthwith to implement this order to propose including Pleasant Lake in SafC 408.01 . The effective date of such requirement shall be no earlier than October 12017.

So Ordered.

John J. Barthelmes, Commissioner

Department of Safety

 *NOTE:* How and specifically when it will be implemented is yet to be determined.  Only after implementation can both property owners and the public at large have the guidance they seek, given the ruling.  Please stand by as the implementation phase of the ruling is made known.


BACKGROUND: The mooring permit lake designation is aimed at addressing public safety concerns at and around the boat launch on Pleasant Lake in Deerfield, NH. There are a number of safety issues that are of concern, from navigation to personal safety for boaters. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact

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