Watershed Restoration Consulting Team




Watershed Team Logos

The PLPA has chosen the following watershed restoration team to complete the Watershed Restoration Project. We are excited to get started this summer and please look out for our team around the lake!


Forrest Bell

FB Environmental Owner and Principal Scientist

Overview of Project Role: Mr. Forrest Bell will serve as the overall Project Manager for the development of the Pleasant Lake Watershed Restoration Plan and associated tasks. His main role will be to direct the project components and to ensure that the proper staff resources are being utilized and that project stakeholders are being informed and involved as much as possible.


  • Forrest is the founder and owner of FB Environmental and oversees all projects and operations at FB Environmental
    • Founded FB Environmental in 2001 while assisting the Maine DEP with lake water quality assessments and TMDL report preparation for impaired lakes
    • FB is a consulting business with 11 staff
  • Regional leader in managing watershed restoration and assessment projects
  • Has directed more than 220 successful environmental planning, assessment, monitoring and restoration projects for clients including federal and state natural resources agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations since 1991


B.S. in Geography from the University of Southern Maine

Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Management at the University of New Hampshire



Don Kretchmer

DK Water Resource Consulting, LLC

Overview of Project Role: Mr. Don Kretchmer will be assisting with the in-lake modeling tasks for the Pleasant Lake Watershed Restoration Project.


  • Over 28 years of experience in water resource investigations
  • Currently the only Certified Lake Manager 􏰀CLM􏰁 residing in New Hampshire
  • Managed the development of phosphorus TMDLs for 30 lakes in New Hampshire and several watershed plans
  • Involved in the continued development of the LLRM model for lake and watershed studies and has recently added several new routines to the model to evaluate BMP effectiveness and road salt impacts
  • Has worked on well over one hundred NH lakes and ponds as well as numerous others across the region and the country, many of them with non-point source, storm-water, septic and direct discharge issues
  • Published numerous technical reports and papers on applied limnology and reservoir management
  • Involved in numerous state-wide committees on lake management and water quality standards regarding groundwater recharge and development of lake phosphorus and wetlands water quality criteria
  • Active in the North American Lake Management Society for 28 years and the Lake Wentworth Association (LWA) for 15 years and is currently the water quality chair, volunteer coordinator and a member of the watershed plan implementation committee for the LWA


B.S. degree from Cornell University in Natural Resources

M.S. Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Water Resource Management




Jason Ayotte

Ph.D., P.E. Hoyle Tanner Associates

Overview of Project Role: As a professional civil engineer, Mr. Jason Ayotte, will provide technical oversight and help to establish best management practices (BMPs) for the project. 


  • Senior engineer specializing in BMP design and hydrology and hydraulics on civil engineering projects throughout New England
  • Lead engineer on high-profile NHDOT projects required to meet strict Clean Water Act, Section 401 Certification with no increase in nutrient loading
  • Designed 24 constructed water quality BMP’s since 2010, consisting of gravel wetlands, wet ponds/wet extended detention ponds, infiltration and other Low Impact Development measures



Jack Munn

Chief Planner at Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC)

 Overview of Project Role: Mr. Jack Munn, ACIP , Chief Planner with the SNHPC will be directing the Pleasant Lake Watershed Restoration Plan project for SNHPC.


  • Has worked to broaden and expand the role of SNHPC in many land use, energy and environmental planning, economic and community development initiatives
  • Awarded the 2008 Source Water Protection Award by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for his efforts in developing the Commission’s Regional Source Water Protection Initiative and he spearheaded the completion of the region’s first Economic Development Plan and Certified Site Program, which along with Access Greater Manchester was recognized as Program of the Year (2013) by the Northeastern Economic Developers Association.
  • Received planning awards from the New Hampshire Planning Association and the Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association for his work on Mutual Sharing and Intergovernmental Cooperation, and Preparing a Master Plan for Your Community, an interactive CD and handbook for municipal planning boards
  • Helped to establish and assist local community energy committees and commissions in developing Energy Plans and Master Plan Chapters, including implementing Energy Audits and warrant articles for energy improvements
  • Implementing a new and innovative Solar Up NH program within the region through the support of the John Merck Fund


B.A. in Geography and Sociology from Ohio Wesleyan University

Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg Virginia




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