District Directors

Below are the District Directors for Pleasant Lake and their contact information:

 District  PLPA Directors Contact Information Picture
Dam District (#2-16) Mike Beaudoin 463-1025 / mbeaud2002@yahoo.com
Veasey District (#17-30) Onni Irish
West District (#31-47) John Crowley Jacrowley@comcast.net
South District (#48-60) Krist Nelson 463-3010 / kristnelson@metrocast.net
Loon Cove District (#61-79) Jennifer Freitas Lynch westies1212@aol.com
Pout Point District (#80-104) Patrick Brochu Patrick.Brochu@3ds.com
Broad Cove District (#105-125) Roger Shaw 463-7627 or 225-2919 / rogers26@comcast.net
Ledges District (#105-125) Janice Poltak jlpoltak@comcast.net
North District (#146-#1) Open


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