Stormwater Solutions Workshop


Next Workshop: August 21st, 2019

Do you want to learn how managing rain water on your property can help protect lakes?

Come Learn about how Do-It-Yourself Runoff Solutions and Vegetation Management can have a Positive Effect on Waterbodies by Reducing Rain Water Runoff and Erosion


August 21st, 2019

Deerfield Town Hall

Church St., Deerfield, NH


This workshop’s program will follow the May 18th’s program (please see below for details/descriptions)

August 21st 2019 Stormwater Workshop Flyer



May 18th, 2019 Stormwater Solutions Workshop Program:

  • Introductions & Water Quality Issues at Pleasant Lake: PLPA
  • Soak Up the Rain, Lisa Loosigian (NH DES) (Lisa Loosigian’s Presentation)
    • Throughout New Hampshire, neighbors are planting rain gardens and trees, using rain barrels and dry wells, and finding lots of other ways to Soak Up the Rain to protect the water in their local lakes and rivers. Come learn how we can each do our part at home to reduce water pollution in our lovely NH lakes and rivers.
  • NH Lakes’ Shores, Jason Aube (NH DES) (Jay Aube’s Presentation)
    • Jason will provide a presentation on the importance of retaining vegetation along the shoreline. He will also discuss the limitations on vegetation removal and what activities require a NHDES Shoreland Permit.
  • Questions & Answer Session and Wrap Up
  • PLPA Moose Grant Stormwater Solutions Workshop Flyer

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This workshop is possible because of the NH State Conservation Committee (SCC) Moose Plate Grant through the Pleasant Lake’s Restoring Pleasant Lake: A Stormwater Education and Improvement Project